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At Dragon Shiba, we are committed to providing top-quality Shiba Inu and Mameshiba puppies. We strictly follow breeding protocols and conduct genetic screenings to ensure that our puppies are purebred, healthy, and strong. Our philosophy of quality first has made us a trusted breeder in Toronto, and we are proud to offer families in Vancouver, Montreal, and New York only the best Shiba Inu and Mameshiba puppies.

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Dragon Shiba: Breeding Top-Quality Shiba Inu In Toronto

Quality Shiba Structure

We prioritize structure that best meets the breed standards. The structure of the breed is determined by genetics and cannot be altered. Our goal is to ensure that all of our puppies adhere to the breed standards set by the NIPPO and KC associations.

By adhering to these standards, we can guarantee that our puppies possess the ideal structure and will be highly valued by breed enthusiasts. We understand that the structure of a Shiba is essential to its quality and that’s why we pay close attention to this aspect of breeding.



Top Shiba Color

The coat and color of a Shiba play a significant role in determining its overall appearance. The breed standards have specific requirements for both the fullness of the coat and the distribution of color.

We strive to meet these standards to ensure that our puppies possess a premium quality coat that enhances their power, strength, and elegance. A Shiba Inu with a perfect coat and structure will truly showcase the beauty of the breed.

Perfect Shiba Appearence

We understand that Shiba Inu enthusiasts are always searching for puppies with stunning looks and cuteness. These qualities are rare and highly sought after, and we strive to provide the best of the best. Not only do we meet the breed standards set by the NIPPO and KCJ associations, but we also go above and beyond by breeding for puppies with cuter faces.

We believe that a Shiba Inu with both perfect structure and adorable appearance is truly valuable and we aim to provide this to our customers.

Expert Shiba Pairing

With decades of experience in breeding, we have gained valuable knowledge from our partner kennels in Asia. Our passion for the Shiba Inu breed runs deep, and we are committed to improving the bloodline of this beloved breed.

We achieve this by carefully selecting the pairing, through the use of premium quality and suitable breeders. By pairing the right dogs, we are able to have puppies that are of the highest quality and have the potential to excel. We take great pride in our breeding process and strive to bring out the best in each litter.

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Bringing Order to Shiba Breeding through Logistics in Toronto, Canada

We are passionate about Shiba Inu and Mameshiba breeds, and we are always eager to learn more about them. We have established partnerships with top kennels in Asia to gain decades of experience and find the right direction in breeding. We understand that importing extraordinary Shiba is essential to producing high-quality puppies, and we have strict criteria for selecting the right Shiba based on color, body structure, shoulder height, face type, and more. Our dedication to learning, selecting, and pairing the right Shiba has resulted in stunning puppies that stand out from others.

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