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From Toronto to New York: What People Are Saying About Our Beloved Shiba Inu

Toronto: “We adopted our Shiba Inu puppy from DragonShiba in Toronto and couldn’t be happier with our decision! From the moment we met our little guy, we knew he was the perfect addition to our family. DragonShiba’s commitment to the health and happiness of their puppies really shines through in their care and attention to detail.”

Montreal: “We traveled all the way from Montreal to adopt our Shiba Inu from Dragon, and it was worth every kilometer! They made the adoption process easy and stress-free, and they provided us with all the information we needed to take care of our new puppy. Our Shiba is now a beloved member of our family, and we have DragonShiba to thank for it.”

Vancouver: “I’ve been a fan of DragonShiba’s Instagram for a while and was thrilled to finally get my puppy from them. Their passion for the breed is contagious, and their extraordinary photography captures the unique beauty and personality of each dog. If you want a reputable breeder that truly loves their dogs and has a talent for showcasing them on camera, look no further than DragonShiba.

Toronto: “DragonShiba is the kind of breeder you hope to find when you’re looking for a new furry friend. They take the time to get to know their clients and match them with the perfect puppy for their lifestyle and needs. We’ve been so happy with our Shiba Inu from DragonShiba, and we recommend them to anyone looking for a well-bred, healthy, and happy dog.”

New York: “If you’re looking for a dog that’s smarter than most of the people you know, look no further than DragonShiba. Our Shiba is so intelligent, we’re pretty sure he’s secretly plotting world domination. But until then, we’re happy to be his loyal subjects.”

Toronto: “I used to think my life was complete, and then I met my Shiba Inu from DragonShiba. This little ball of fur has brought so much joy and laughter into my life, I can’t imagine ever going back to life without him. If you want a dog that will steal your heart and make you laugh until you cry, DragonShiba is the way to go.”

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Unleash the Power of Shiba Inu: From “Doge” Meme to Crypto Craze

Unleash the Power of Shiba Inu: From “Doge” Meme to Crypto Craze

Shiba Inus have become super popular in recent years thanks to a meme trend called "Doge." It features funny captions written in broken English on pictures of Shiba Inus expressing different emotions or thoughts. This meme has become incredibly popular and is all over...

The Advantages of Owning a Shiba Inu

The Advantages of Owning a Shiba Inu

It's no surprise that the Shiba Inu has become a popular choice for pet owners. This breed has a lot to offer beyond just good looks. For one, Shiba Inus are naturally healthy and often live a long life. This means they require minimal maintenance and can be a...

The History and Origins of Shiba Inu Breed

The History and Origins of Shiba Inu Breed

The Shiba Inu is a small, muscular dog breed that originated in Japan. It is one of the oldest breeds of dogs in Japan and was originally bred for hunting small game, such as birds. The breed was named after the Shiba Inu, which means "brushwood dog," due to their...

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Understanding RER

Customized Feeding Recommendation for Your Shiba Inu and any other dog-Understanding RER

RER, or Resting Energy Requirement, is a calculation that estimates the minimum amount of energy a dog needs to maintain its basic physiological functions at rest. This calculation is a starting point to determine a dog’s individual energy needs, but other factors such as activity level, age, and health should also be taken into account. Our dog health calculator uses RER as a basis to provide you with a customized feeding recommendation, but please note that this is only a reference and always consult with a veterinarian for professional advice.

Dog Health Caculator (Calories)

RER stands for Resting Energy Requirement, which is the amount of energy a dog needs to maintain its basic bodily functions while at rest.


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