Quality Is More Important Than the Quantity



Quality is always the primary focus of our breeding philosophy! Purebred and compliance with standards are just basic requirements when it relates to a “quality” Shiba. The process of breeding Shiba Inu and Mameshiba is full of uncertainties and variables, and what we have been doing is to find order in disorder.

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Our Breeding Philosophy


We choose the structure that best meets the breed standards. This is genetically determined by the parents and does not change subsequently.

The structure is essential to measure a quality Shiba Inu. The closer it is to the original standards of the NIPPO and KCJ associations, the more valuable this Shiba will be.



The fullness of the coat and the distribution of the corresponding color will determine to some extent the appearance of a Shiba Inu. The breed standard also has relevant requirements for them.

A premium quality coat on a Shiba with a perfect structure will better show its power, strength, and elegance.



A Shiba Inu with stunning looks and cuteness is rare and valuable, and this is what Shiba lovers are always looking for.

Not only do we meet the breed standard, but we continue to exceed our own standards and breed Shiba Inu with a cuter face.


After decades of practice, we have gained the most valuable experience from our partner kennels in Asia.

Our passion runs deep here and we are committed to improving the bloodline of the Shiba Inu, through the careful selection of each mate for our dogs. Pairing premium quality and suitable breeders to bring out quality puppies!

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The Line Between Disorder And Order Lies In Logistics

Firstly, we are always eager to learn more about this breed and have a deeper understanding of Shiba. Having visited and established partnerships with some top Shiba Inu and Mameshiba Kennels in Asia, this greatly helped us find the right direction and gained decades of experience at the beginning. Secondly, it is indispensable to import extraordinary Shiba, and we have made selections strictly on the color, body structure, shoulder height, face type, and so forth. Thirdly, paring the right Shiba brings high-quality puppies. As a result, our puppies are always stunning and stand out from others.

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